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Suguru TAMAKIProfessor

Ph.D. (Informatics)

We study theory of algorithms and computation. All information processing performed by computers (AI, optimization, machine learning, information security, etc.) is achieved by a combination of basic algorithms. Algorithms have the power to change the world. Recall information services (search, advertising, electronic transactions, recommendations, matching, etc.) and you will understand their influence.

Theory of computation involves elucidating the power of computational models and classifying the difficulty of “problems”. Famous unsolved problems include the P versus NP problem (with a million dollar bounty on it) and “proving that quantum computers are faster than current computers”.

This is a particularly interesting research field for those who enjoy theoretical research, competitive programming and combinatorial games/puzzles.

【Research Interests】

・Design and analysis of algorithms
・Implementation and evaluation of algorithms
・Theory of computation

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