Information Science Research Building, Kobe Campus for Commerce4 stories/Total floor area around 3,300 m2/Completed in 2020
Computational Science Center Building, Kobe Campus for Information Science 7 stories /Total floor area around 7,700 m2/Completed in 2011
Simulation Systems● HPE Cluster Computer System HPE / CPU nodes: 64 nodes, 2,560 cores / Sheared memory nodes: 80 cores
● NVIDIA V100x8
● NEC VEx8 2 nodes
● Fast data access distributed file system
Total computational performance: 346.1 TFLOPS
Joint Laboratory● EEG
● Electrocardiograph
● Electromagnetic shield room
● Biological signal measuring device
CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) 3D Virtual Reality System● 4-sided CAVE system, 3.2 m × 2.0 m × 2.0 m
● Wireless tracking, 3D sound
Seminar RoomsComputer resources available via the wireless LAN
● Virtual infrastructure system with all-flash storage, VDI
● GPGPU server
● Braco UniSee bezel-less tiled LCD video wall